From the Founders:
  • And the PD Beat Goes On
Taisir Subhi Yamin; Ken W. McCluskey                                                                                                    7
From the Editor’s Desk:
  • Mapping the Promise and Potential of Creative Learning and Talent
Development across Educational, Cultural, and Geographic Terrains
Karen Magro                                                                                                                                                  9
  • Human Creativity as a Renewable Resource
Patrick Blessinger; Enakshi Sengupta; Taisir Subhi Yamin                                                                    17
  • Enhancing Creative Productivity: A Developmental, Domain Specific Approach
Rena F. Subotnik; Paula Olszewski-Kubilius; Frank C. Worrell                                                            27
  • A Study of Children’s Classroom Questions in Relation to Elementary
Science Teaching
Douglas P. Newton; Lynn D. Newton; Prathibha Abrams                                                                       39
  • The Effectiveness of an Additional Half-Day Program for At-Risk Nursery and
Kindergarten Children through a Collaborative Partnership
Donna Copsey Haydey                                                                                                                                 51
  • Case Studies of Schoolwide Enrichment Model-Reading (SEM-R) Classroom
Implementations of Differentiated and Enriched Reading Instruction
Sally M. Reis; Catherine A. Little; Elizabeth Fogarty; Angela M. Housand;
Brian C. Housand; Rebecca D. Eckert; Lisa M. Muller                                                                           63
  • The Five Dimensions of Differentiation
Sally M. Reis; Joseph S. Renzulli                                                                                                                87
  • Gifted Young Musicians Poised for Advanced Training: Selection Measures
Felicity Andreasen                                                                                                                                        95
  • Using an Infusion Based Approach to Enrich Prescribed and Test-Driven
Curricular Practices
Joseph S. Renzulli; Nicole Waicunas                                                                                                        103
  • An inquiry into the pedagogical practices of high school social studies teachers:
Imagining and reimagining becoming a teacher
Tim Skuce; Lloyd Kornelsen                                                                                                                     113
  • Teachers’ Knowledge and Perceptions on ADHD and Overexcitabilities
in Gifted Learners
Anies Al-Hroub; Malak Krayem                                                                                                               123
  • Webbed Understanding: A Conversation for Understanding
Yoram Harpaz                                                                                                                                             133
  • From Teaching for Understanding to Educating for Understanding the World
Amnon Karmon                                                                                                                                            147
  • To Cheat or Not to Cheat: Academic Integrity across Cultures
Tuqa Marhoon; Janna Wardman                                                                                                               157
  • Teachers’ Pedagogies and Strategies of Engagement
Lucy Davies; Douglas Newton; Lynn Newton                                                                                            169
  • Norwegian Wood: The Language of Poetry and Song
Peter Leyland                                                                                                                                                 181
  • “We Are All Relations”: An Indigenous Course Requirement (ICR) Experience
Helen Lepp Friesen                                                                                                                                        189
  • Joan Freeman
Taisir Subhi Yamin                                                                                                                                        203
Profiles of Creativity:
  • Douglas P. Newton 211
Profiles of Giftedness:
  • Belle Wallace: Reflecting on My Life Experiences (221); John Senior: Enrichment, Talent Development, and Creativity: Tributes to the Exceptional Contributions of Dr. Belle Wallace (229); Michael Shaughnessy: Thank You Belle (230); Elizabeth Mattson: Belle as My First Boss and Mentor (231); Jacobus Maree: I am inspired by Belle Wallace (231); Michael Stopper: Thinking Actively in a Social Context (TASC) Approach to Learning (232); Sue Mordecai FRSA: Outstanding Leadership (233); Diana Cave: Positivity and Optimism (233); Harvey B. Adams: Supreme Ability to Connect (234).
  • Designing Empowered Curriculum: Thinking Preferences, 3D-Briefing and
the Adult Learner
Christine Boyko-Head                                                                                                                                      235
Innovative Education Projects (1):
  • Nana Gulić: ICIE-Rijeka Annual International Youth Summit 2018 245
Innovative Education Projects (2):
  • Meredith McLaughlin: ICIE-Rijeka Annual International Youth Summit 2018:
A Brief Report from an American Teacher                                                                                                        250
Innovative Education Projects (3):
  • Kenneth L. Reimer: Connecting the DOT: The Importance of Being Open to
Transnational and Interdisciplinary Collaboration                                                                                          255
The Annual ICIE Conference Highlights:
  • “The French Connection”: Bringing Together Excellence, Innovation, and Creativity
Kenneth L. Reimer                                                                                                                                          259
Book Review (1):
  • Making Purposeful Thought Productive
Sandra Linke                                                                                                                                                    261
Book Review (2):
  • Schools that Matter: Teaching the Mind, Reaching the Heart
Kari McCluskey                                                                                                                                               265