From the Founders:
  • Our Combined Vision is to Support the Development of Talent and Creativity Worldwide
Taisir Subhi Yamin, Ken W. McCluskey                                                                         07
From the Editor’s Desk:
  • Expanding Conceptions of Creativity and Talent in Learning Contexts
Karen Magro                                                                                                                       09
  • Creativity, Ethics, and Society
Robert J. Sternberg                                                                                                            15
  • Creativity in Children’s Lives—An Unconditional Good for Whom?
Lene Tanggaard, Vlad Glăveanu                                                                                      25
  • Bullying, School Climate, Social Climate, and Intellectual Development:
Implications for the Lives of High-Achieving, Creative Students
John Hoover, Joanne Larson, Timothy Baker                                                                33
  • The Achievement Gap and the Education Conspiracy Against Low Income Children
Joseph S. Renzulli                                                                                                               45
  • Leadership and Capacity Building: Facilitating Change through Tri-level Partnerships
Eleoussa Polyzoi, Kathy Collis, Michael Babb                                                                 57
  • The Circle of Courage: Developing Resilience and Capacity in Youth
Larry K. Brendtro, Martin Brokenleg, Steve Van Bockern                                           67
  • Adult Lost Prizes, Missing Aspirations, a 21st Century Education, and Self-Fulfillment
Don Ambrose, Valerie K. Ambrose                                                                                   75
  • Teaching and Applying Creative Problem Solving: Implications for At-Risk Students
Donald J. Treffinger, Scott G. Isaksen                                                                              87          
  • The Amphitheatre Model for Talent Development: Recognizing and Nurturing the
Gifts of our Lost Prizes
Ken W. McCluskey, Donald J. Treffinger, Philip A. Baker, Kevin Lamoureaux        99
  • The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)
Associated Schools Network: Teaching for Social Justice and
Transformative Education
Ira Udow, Heather Syme Anderson, Karen Magro                                                         113
Profiles of Creativity:
  • A Case Study of a Creative Personality
Hava Vidergor                                                                                                                     125
Profiles of Excellence: Exemplary Educational Programs:
  • Serving At-Risk Students at John G. Stewart School
Kevin MacKay                                                                                                                     137
  • The Student Learning Portfolio Mentorship Program: A School Division/Government/University Partnership
Rick Smith, Alan C. Wiebe                                                                                                143
  • The Infinity Program (TIP): Student-Centred Programming for Personal Development
Kari McCluskey, Chris McCluskey                                                                                  147
Standing on the Shoulders of Giants:
  • A Tribute to Dr. John Feldhusen
Donald J. Treffinger                                                                                                           153
  • A Tribute to Dr. Ruth Noller
Scott G. Isaksen                                                                                                                  155
Book Reviews:
Curiosita Teaching: Integrating Creative Thinking into Your 21st Century Classroom
Sandra K. Linke                                                                                                                  157