From the Founders:
  • Ongoing Networking for Talent Development.
Taisir Subhi Yamin; Ken W. McCluskey                                                                                      07
From the Editor’s Desk:
  • Creative Journeys: Inspiring Imagination and Innovation.
Karen Magro                                                                                                                                    09
  • High Ability and Dreams of Innovation and Prosperity in the Emerging Global
Knowledge Economy: A Critical Analysis of Changing Orientations in Research
and Practice.
Roland S. Persson                                                                                                                           15
  • LEGO Engineering: Bringing Engineering to all Students.
Chris Rogers                                                                                                                                   35
  • Cultural Differences in Creativity: The Role of Immigration.
Herie (Henderika) de Vries; Christiane Kirsch; Adrian Furnham                                          41
  • The Significance of Creativity in Our Lives.
Jill Forster                                                                                                                                      53
  • An Interactive Multimedia Model for a “Big Questions” Course: Innovations in
Teaching and Learning.
Evgenia V. Cherkasova; Nicholas R. Raby                                                                                 69
  • “Teachable Culture Moments” in English as Second Language (ESL) Classes.
Alejandro S. Bernardo                                                                                                                  83
  • Creative Connections: Using Black Cultural Resources to Challenge Constructions of
Gender in Life and in Texts.
Florence Kabba                                                                                                                             91
  • Helping Students Learn Beyond the Bounds of Their Imagination: Lessons from a
Global Citizenship Practicum.
Lloyd Kornelsen                                                                                                                          101
  • Identification of Gifted and Talented Children in India: A Preliminary Study.
Saigeetha Jambunathan; J.D. Jayaraman                                                                                111
  • Perceptions of Music Teachers Associated with Musically-Gifted Primary School
Graduates Seeking Entry to an Elite Music High School in Sydney, Australia.
Felicity Andreasen                                                                                                                       119
  • Young Gifted and Working-Class: Issues Arising from Case Studies of
Families with Gifted Children.
Laura Mazzoli Smith; Jim (R. J.) Campbell                                                                             131
  • The Role of Drama Therapy in Fostering the Creativity of Individuals with
Intellectual Disabilities: An Overview of the Lublin Teatroterapia Workshops.
Piotr Gindrich; Zdzisław Kazanowski                                                                                      145
  • Alchemical Creation: The Art of Transformation in D.H. Lawrence’s St. Mawr.
Francisco LaRubia-Prado                                                                                                          155
  • Videoconferencing and Virtual Reality in the Context of Language Education.
David Zejda; Ellery Canoy                                                                                                        175
  • ICIE Paris Conference (July 7 th – 10 th 2014): Focusing on Creativity.
Trevor J. Tebbs                                                                                                                           187
  • ICIE Paris Conference, 2014: Impressions of a Practitioner.
Lloyd Kornelsen                                                                                                                         191
Creative Renewal:
  • Teaching Habits: Reflecting on Creative Renewal.
Randy Kroeker                                                                                                                         193
Exemplary Educational Programmes:
  • Exemplary Educational Programmes: Connections across Cultures:
Letters to our Children.
Karen M. Magro; Lorelle Perry                                                                                             199
Lost Prizes – ICIE Seminars                                                                                                   203
Book Reviews:
  • Life Expects: Educating Students to Lead Fulfilling Lives.
Dorothy Sisk                                                                                                                             207