From the Founders:
  • Connecting, Communicating, and Collaborating for Excellence and Innovation in Education.
Taisir Subhi Yamin; Ken W. McCluskey                                                                                     7
From the Editor’s Desk:
  • Encouraging the Artistry of Teaching and Learning: Working toward Social Justice
and Creativity for All.
Karen Magro                                                                                                                                   9
  • Dabrowski on Intelligence: Dethroning a Venerable Construct.
Sal Mendaglio                                                                                                                                 15
  • Gifted Education in Transition: From Elitist Enclave to Promising Opportunities
for Empowerment and Inclusion.
Dona Matthews                                                                                                                               23
  • Re-discovering Creativity: Why Theory-Practice Consistency Matters.
Lee Martin; Nick Wilson                                                                                                                31
  • Predicting Career Interests from Problem-Solving Style with High School Students.
Allison Johnson; Margo A. Jackson; Edwin C. Selby; John C. Houtz                                        43
  • Gendered Word (or World): Sexism in Philippine Preschool English Language Textbooks.
Veronico Nogales Tarrayo                                                                                                                57
  • Reclaiming Youth and a Possible Paradigm Shift.
Donna L. Johnson                                                                                                                              65
  • Gifted and LGBTIQ1: A Comprehensive Research Review.
Rachel Wexelbaum; John Hoover                                                                                                    73
  • Examining Risk and Resilience through Multiple Lenses: An Integrated Approach.
Eleoussa Polyzoi; Laura Atkinson; Jessica Dupasquier                                                                 87
  • How an Enrichment Summer Program is Meeting the Expectations of Gifted
Science Students: A Case Study from Finland.
Sakari Tolppanen;  Kirsi Tirri                                                                                                        103
  • Problem Solving Style and Creative Productivity.
Frederick H. McCoy;  Edwin C. Selby; John C. Houtz                                                                 117
  • The Factor Structure of the Scales for Rating the Behavioural Characteristics
of Superior Students (SRBCSS): Results on an Omani Sample.
Ali Mahdi Kazem; Abdulqawi S. Alzubaidi; Ahmed Hassan Hemdan; Joseph Renzulli          127
Profiles of Excellence: Exemplary Educational Programs
  • Transformative Learning through International Service Work.
Nicole Desjardins; Meghan Elliott; Stephanie Sokal; Sara Christle; Aaron Kornelsen;
Kathryn Nikkel; Kelly Lone; Laura Sokal                                                                                     137
Standing on the Shoulders of Giants:
  • Michael Pyryt: Easy to Praise; Hard to Replace.
Sal Mendaglio                                                                                                                                    151
Book Reviews:
  • Searching for Meaning: Idealism, Bright Minds, Disillusionment, and Hope.
Sandra K. Linke                                                                                                                               153