From the Founders:
  • Networking Par Excellence for Excellence.
Taisir Subhi Yamin; Ken W. McCluskey                                                                                       7
From the Editor’s Desk:
  • Insight and Imagination: Ventures into Creativity and Talent Development.
Karen Magro                                                                                                                                     9
  • The Role of Blended Knowledge in the Development of Creative Productive Giftedness.
Joseph S. Renzulli                                                                                                                           13
  • Specific Learning and Teaching Strategies That Work, and Why They Do So.
Roald Hoffmann; Saundra Y. McGuire                                                                                      25
  • A Phenomenographic Study of Talented, Low-income Undergraduate Students.
Pam Millward; Janna Wardman; Christine Rubie-Davies                                                       39
  • The Strengths, Needs and Vulnerabilities of Gifted Employees.
Carla Vreys; Kathleen Venderickx; Tessa Kieboom                                                                 51
  • Effects of the Dunn and Dunn Learning Styles Model on Reading Comprehension
and Motivation: A Case Study in Innovative Learning.
Ahmad Oweini; Carma Daouk                                                                                                   63
  • What Do You Think? Seeking Out the Voices of Responsible Iconoclasts in our Schools.
Kenneth L. Reimer                                                                                                                       71
  • What if Musical Skill, Talent, and Creativity were just a Matter of Memory
Organization and Strategies?
Véronique Drai-Zerbib                                                                                                              87
  • A Conative Approach to Creativity: The Correlation Surface of Psychopathology
and Ego-strength
Christiane Kirsch; Claude Houssemand                                                                                 97
  • Tension in Chemistry and Its Contents.
Roald Hoffmann                                                                                                                       109
  • Rebuilding, Healing and Transforming: Innovative Approaches and Promising
Strategies for Children Affected by War.
Jan Stewart; Jody Lynn McBrien; Betty Ezati                                                                    121
  • Ferguson, Florida, and Fruitvale: A Requiem for Black Males in the Key of F-Minor.
Fred A. Bonner II                                                                                                                   137
  • Reexamining the Role of Gifted Education and Talent Development for the 21st Century:
A Four-Part Theoretical Approach.
Joseph S. Renzulli                                                                                                                  141
  • An Innovative Resilient Strategy towards Creatively Teaching Mathematics.
Ioannis Kougias; Lambrini Seremeti; Dimitris Kalogeras                                                155
  • Character and Expression of a Musical Piece in Foreign Language Teaching to Children.
Karolina Jarosz                                                                                                                      165
Profiles of Creativity:
  • Successes and Failures in a Sixty-Year Career Trying to Understand Human Intelligence.
Robert J. Sternberg                                                                                                                175
Profiles of Giftedness:
  • Rena F. Subotnik.
Taisir Subhi Yamin                                                                                                                183
Book Reviews:
  • Our Kids: The American Dream in Crisis.
Stephen Hornstein; John Hoover                                                                                         189
  • Life Expects: Educating Students to Lead Fulfilling Lives.
Sandra M. Linke                                                                                                                    193
  • Out of Sync: Essays on Giftedness.
Dorothy A. Sisk
Conference Highlights:
  • The 13th International Conference on: Excellence, Innovation & Creativity in
Basic-Higher Education & Psychology, Rijeka, Croatia (May 18-21, 2016).
Alan C. Wiebe                                                                                                                      205
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