From the Founders:
  • Facilitating Knowledge Mobilization through Networking.
Ken W. McCluskey; Taisir Subhi Yamin                                                                                          7
From the Editor’s Desk:
  • Transcultural Prisms of Teaching and Learning.
Karen Magro                                                                                                                                      13
  • Perceptions of Artistically Gifted Rural Middle School Adolescents
Regarding Support for Development of their Talent by their School and Community.
Gayle B. Roege                                                                                                                                   19
  • Building and Implementing a Global Citizenship Course for Undergraduate Honors
Ingrid W. Schutte; Elanor Kamans; Marca V.C. Wolfensberger; Wiel Veugelers                   35
  • Mathematics and Science Olympiad Studies: The Outcomes of Olympiads and
Contributing Factors to Talent Development of Olympians.
James Campbell; Seokhee Cho; Kirsi Tirri                                                                                   49
  • Diverse Insights Revealing Nuances of the Culture-High Ability Nexus: An
Interdisciplinary Search.
Don Ambrose; Valerie K. Ambrose                                                                                               61
  • Common Sense about the Under-Representation Issue: A School-Wide
Approach to Increase Participation of Diverse Students in Programs that
Develop Talents and Gifted Behaviours in Young People.
Joseph S. Renzulli; Laurel E. Brandon                                                                                        71
  • What about Creativity in Computer Science Education?
Anisija Žižić; Andrina Granić; Michael Paul Lukie                                                                  95
  • Could Students’ Attitudes towards Learning Physics Significantly Predict
their Learning Outcomes: Implications for Innovative Methods in Teaching Physics.
Sanja Martinko; Sanja Tatalović Vorkapić                                                                               109
  • Exploring the Creativity Potential of ADHD Students in Engineering Programs.
Arash Esmaili Zaghi; Sally M. Reis; Joseph S. Renzulli; James C Kaufman                        125
  • School Climate, Classroom Climate, and Teaching Quality: Can Excellent
Students Unravel this Connection?
Judy Goldenberg; Rama Klavir                                                                                                 137
  • Express Yourself: An Auto-Ethnographic Poetic Account
Shawn Anthony Robinson                                                                                                           149
  • Seemingly Benign and Not So Benign Every Day Occurrences and Words.
Helen Lepp Friesen                                                                                                                     155
  • Promoting Creativity: Reading and Writing Through Storyboarding.
Maher Bahloul                                                                                                                             161
  • The Moccasin Project.
Ken Reimer; Jaymi Witzke; Curtis Howson; Rick Freeze                                                      171
  • Services Available from American Mensa for Students Who are Gifted and
Talented: An Overview for Teachers and Administrators.
Stephen J. Bugaj                                                                                                                          175
Profiles of Creativity:
  • Tracing the Roots of a Career in Creativity.
James C. Kaufman                                                                                                                      181
Profiles of Giftedness:
  • Joyce Van Tassel-Baska.
Taisir Subhi Yamin                                                                                                                    189
Book Reviews:
  • Your Passport to Gifted Education.
Jasna Arrigoni; Maruška Željeznov Seničar                                                                           197
  • The SAGE Handbook of Gifted and Talented Education.
Dorothy Sisk                                                                                                                                201
Conference Highlights:
  • Inovação, Criatividade e Excelência: Global Perspectives on Innovation,
Creativity, and Excellence.
Kenneth L. Reimer                                                                                                                     209